Dr. Marc Siegel: ‘Look at the Stupidity’ of Politicians as They Began To Relax Lockdowns

‘Social distancing is usually ineffective when you swim’


SIEGEL: “We’ve established on this show that lockdowns don’t work, the three countries that are leading the world and the number of cases, the United States, Italy, and Brazil all had severe lockdowns and yet they have the most cases and deaths. Now as we start to relieve the lockdowns lightly, look at the stupidity that’s being employed here. I have three examples. Here in New York City, mayor bill de Blasio says he’s going to open the beaches, hooray for memorial day weekend but if anyone tries to swim, he says they’re going to be pulled out of the water. If there is a danger to your health, it isn’t covid-19, it’s his guy pulling you out of the water. A social distancing is usually ineffective when you swim. There is no coronavirus in the water, people don’t swim close together. I think you should use security people as lifeguards. Second example, New York and New Jersey are going to allow tennis now. With tennis, you have to play singles. If you’re 70 years old, you may love tennis but maybe you need doubles, maybe you don’t have the window for singles anymore. If they make you play singles you could have a heart attack. To your health, the risk is much greater with the singles then with covid-19. Let’s think these things through. Third, parades. My favorite thing on memorial day is parades come all across the country we celebrate our fallen warriors from the revolutionary war forward.”

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