Deroy Murdock on Biden’s ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘Truly Racist Thing’ He Said Today

‘I don’t know quite how he discerns this’

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MURDOCK: “ This is interesting, I have a degree in government and a political commentor for years but I guess there must be powers of the Constitution that grant the ability to decide who is and isn’t black, I guess Joe Biden has got that, I don’t know quite how he discerns this. If it was a truly racist thing he said today. He would never say something like if your for Trump rather than for me you’re not white. He would never say such a thing. He would say read my speeches, watch my shaky videos out of my bunker in Delaware, he wouldn’t say such a thing. Of course being a typical Democrat, his view is if you’re black you’re supposed to kowtow to the entire liberal agenda, the Democrat agenda and you’re not allowed to think on your own or make up your own mind, that’s something that’s reserved for white people.”

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