Tucker: Look Carefully at Biden’s House, Not Many Black People Near His House, Never Have Been

‘For 50 years, Joe Biden has lived in one of the single whitest suburbs in America’


BIDEN: “For 50 years, Joe Biden has lived in one of the single whitest suburbs in America come outside Wilmington, Delaware. In 1975, Biden traded one enormous house for another even larger estate, this one with a gate across the entrance, the main house alone measured over 10,000 square feet. So when Biden says this is where I come from, here’s what he’s talking about. Look carefully at that picture, not many black people near Joe Biden’s house, never have been. It’s dated. Given his lack of personal exposure to diversity, he may be forgiven for thinking all black people love drug dailies, dealers. Nobody should be going to jail for a drug crime. Mack, he said as if every African-American voter is yearning for more fentanyl dealers on the street. When are the personal savior of black America mothers no such thing as rest. In Biden’s case, that means deciding who is and who is not a black and separating the legitimate black people from these fake black people, that’s Joe Biden’s job, he has that power, watch.”

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