Eli Lake: Flynn Was ‘Advancing U.S. Interests’ and Was Not a ‘Witting or Unwitting Russian Asset’

‘So to keep it open on those grounds after they were ready to close the case is kind of inexplicable’


LAKE: “Well, the concern was that the acting attorney general, the deputy attorney general Sal Yates, testified that she could not figure out in the month of January whether the FBI was pursuing criminal investigations or a counterintelligence investigation. It seems that the reasons for keeping it open shifted, you know, when she would get different answers from the former director James Comey, and what ultimately came — James Comey said that when he saw an interview in the tr vice President-Elect Mike Pence, that he had lied in the phone call conversation with the Russian ambassador, that he needed to send his agents to find out what had happened, but what we know from looking at the transcripts — I shouldn’t say transcripts, the notes of that interview, is not at no point did the agent ask Flynn about what he had told Pentz about his phone call, so that seemed like a very disingenuous answer, and you have to remember, the one thing we know about what Mike Flynn and kislyak talked about in regard to sanctions, according to the plea that Mike Flynn made at the end of December 2017, that he has since revoked earlier this year, is that he urged him not to escalate after the Obama Administration — 35 Russian spies and minors sanctions on their intelligence services. Asking an adversary not to escalate in response to an outgoing administration’s actions as the motion to dismiss the case filed earlier this month said, is evidence that Flynn was advancing U.S. Interests, not evidence that he was a witting or unwitting Russian asset, and so to keep it open on those grounds after they were ready to close the case is kind of inexplicable.”

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