Fox News: FBI Director Wray Orders Internal Review of Flynn Probe

‘Americans on all sides should want to know what happened here’


MACCALLUM: “Thank you, Bret. One day closer, indeed. One week closer, one of work week closer. Tonight, FBI director ray has ordered an internal review at the FBI of what happened to general Michael Flynn from the time he joined the Trump campaign to the day he was fired from the White House just a few short weeks after inauguration, trying to figure out who are the heroes and who are the villains. It has been hard to tell at different points at the story, although he has pledged at the FBI before — perhaps the recent revelations have no doubt turned up the heat on the director of the FBI. The American people do need to know beyond a doubt that they can trust the agency to be ethical in their practices and obey the rule of law. It appears to some individual may have used those powerful positions there to perpetuate an investigation that may have had no reason to exist in the first place, or was not predicated, as they say at the FBI. Remember this moment of shock?”

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