Rep. Jackson Lee: Biden’s ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment Was ‘In Jest’ But ‘It Could Have Been Spoken Differently’

‘The vice president knows he can’t take any community for granted’


JACKSON LEE: “I will take off my mask because I want everybody to know that we should be wearing mask but I’m not near someone so I will go ahead and take it off. Good to be with you. The good news is I’m delighted that the vice president will go on the record club. It is a dynamic show with probative questioning home hope. That was the right thing to do. And then as well the right thing to do to own up and it might not have been as funny as we might have thought originally, many of the because it was done in jest and to match his record up against his opponent in a day, I believe he will come out with 100%. The vice president knows he can’t take any community for granted and particularly the African-American community. I don’t believe him in any way is insensitive to the needs of the community particularly what we are going through right now with covid-19 an enormous amount of fatality rates in the community.”

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