John Roberts on Reopening Churches: We’re Talking About Americans’ ‘Spiritual Health’

‘I think what you’re going to see is a very prudent and intelligent approach to getting people into these houses of worship’


ROBERTS: “Here’s something interesting, too, Harris. Since all this started, I know there’s been two cases of coronavirus in the West Wing. One, the president’s valet, another one, the vice president’s press secretary. But I have not, since February, seen anybody who was even remotely ill around here. I think keeping is protected from coronavirus by disinfecting everything has kept us protected from things like the common cold, as well. Which is a good thing in addition to what we’re doing with coronavirus. I think we’re going to see here, coming out with these new CDC guidelines, is an effort to be able to get people back into churches with strict guidelines. Of course, one of the guidelines as this, we’ve gotten used to wearing masks. I mean, I see people walking around in the middle of parks by themselves wearing a mask.”

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