Richard Fowler on Biden’s ‘Ain’t Black’ Comment: ‘We Can All Agree That Is Not a Good Comment’

‘Let’s be clear, this election is about contrast’


FOWLER: "That is a good question, Harris. I think that we can all agree that is not a good comment. As a black gay man in America, I am the one who defines my blackness and nobody else. But let’s be very clear, this election is about contrast. And what we're seeing from the former Vice President is somebody who is willing to engage black-owned and operated media in a very meaningful way, because they are important to this election process. On the other hand, in 2016, Donald Trump told African-Americans, what do they have to lose? And now we know because of this global pandemic that has disproportionally impacted black communities that we have everything to lose, including our lives, when it comes to this election."

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