Pastor Jeffress: ‘First Freedom’ Is ‘Freedom of Worship,’ ‘Churches Aren’t Being Treated the Same as Other Organizations’

‘He believes that churches need to be open as soon and as safely as possible’


JEFFRESS: “Well, it’s because the first freedom we have as Americans is the freedom of worship. That is enshrined in our constitution, Harris. Whenever people perceive that that is being encroached upon, you’re going to have a reaction. In many states, like Texas, it’s not a First Amendment issue. Here in Dallas all of our movie theaters, malls, and churches shut down at the same time, and were reopening of the same time. But what people won’t stand for is what’s happening in California, where you have, in phase 2, you’ve got theaters, schools opening up, but not allowing churches to open up. That is inequitable, and that’s what the president is speaking against. I’ve talked to him several times about this. He believes that churches need to be open as soon and as safely as possible. He doesn’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all plan, but every congregation ought to be free to use its best judgment to establish guidelines for reopening.”

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