Tom Cotton: No Reason Churches, Synagogues or Mosques Should Remain Closed if We’re Opening Liquor Stores and Marijuana Dispensaries

‘I’m glad to say the president will lay out some new federal guidelines’


COTTON: “I’m glad to say the president will lay out some new federal guidelines, because it’s the constitutional right of every American to worship his or her god in the manner that they choose, and the federal government has a responsibility to protect those rights. I am very confident that every house of worship can help protect their members. I have spoken with pastors who are willing to go from one to three services a day, or three services to five services a day, if that means spreading out their parishioners and their pews to make sure everyone keep their distance apart, making sure people are practicing good hygiene. But there is no reason that churches or synagogues or mosques should remain closed in our states if we are opening liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries. It is time to let people go back to worship with their congregations.”

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