Al Sharpton Says Biden’s Comment on Black Voters Was Inappropriate Even if It Was in Jest

‘No one should qualify who’s going to be black or anything else, I think that’s inappropriate’


SHARPTON: “And ironically, the questions he was raising about Vice President Biden, I raised and others have raised in interviews. He presses me when I go on his show and we’re friends. He is one that wants answers. So I think that his being something other than black is as ludicrous as saying that I’m going to be in the Rockettes when Radio City opens up again. I can dance, but I can’t do the Rockettes. But the other point is, I think whether it was said in jest by the Vice President or not, I think Symone Sanders, who's also unquestionably black, said the Vice President just said it in jest that if you have to decide between Trump and I, you’re not black. Whether he said it in jest, no one should qualify who’s going to be black or anything else, I think that is inappropriate."

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