McEnany Gives Press Corps Questions to Ask Obama’s Spox. About Unmasking: ‘You Guys Have Three Days’

‘It is a long weekend and you guys have three days to follow up on those questions’


MCENANY: “Why was Flynn's identity leaked? It is a criminal act to leak the identity of Michael Flynn to the press, but it happened. Where are the questions to Obama spokesperson? Because my team would be running around this building should this had happened under the Trump Administration. Why did the DOJ Sally Yates learn about the unmasking from President Obama? So much for going 'by the book' as Susan Rice said three times, thou doth protest too much, Susan Rice. And then finally, question number five, why did James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice privately admit under oath they had no evidence of collusion while saying the opposite publicly? It's a long weekend, you guys have three days to follow up on those questions and I certainly hope the next time I ask, some hands go up because Obama spokesperson should be asked those questions. Because President Trump’s spokespeople certainly would be asked."

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