Symone Sanders: ‘I’m Not Going to Even Traffic in Any Hypothetical Conversation’ If Biden ‘Is Sensitive Enough’

‘Chuck, I’m not going to do this’


SANDERS: "I’m not going to do this. Chuck, I’m not going to do this. Because let me just be really clear. Vice President Biden absolutely has a respect level for all people around him, for voters across this country. Young people, older voters, voters of color, black people, Latino voters, indigenous, Asian-American Pacific Islander. So I’m not going to even traffic in any hypothetical conversation about if he is sensitive enough. Look, there are real issues that we have to address in this country. And Vice President Biden has been speaking directly to the voters even well before the coronavirus crisis about those issues. He is going to meet people where they are. The fact that we can even talk about an interview on the Breakfast Club is because Vice President Biden went there to have that conversation.” 

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