Biden Campaign’s Symone Sanders: ‘You Ain’t Black’ Was Said ‘in Jest’

‘Biden talks about the need to make sure we’re investing in the African-American community’


SANDERS: "Katy, let me just be really clear. In the tweet that I put out, I said that the Vice President’s comments at the end of that interview, which Ali Vitali definitely alluded to and noted the tone of the interview at the end, were said in jest. But I want to be clear about what he was saying. What Vice President Biden was saying is he will put his record and his track record up with the African-American community and in the African-American community up against Donald Trump any single day. Period. There is no comparison. But Charlamagne makes an important point. And I encourage folks to go and look at the entirety of the 18-minute interview that Charlamagne and Vice President Biden had, because if you do, they engage in a very interesting conversation.”

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