Charles Payne: ‘In November, I Will Still Be Black and Prouder than Ever for Not Voting for Joe Biden’

‘Joe Biden is using divisive political insinuations suggesting that Democrats are the good white people and Republicans are the bad white people’


PAYNE: “Now, the sad thing is he will get traction with this kind of stuff because there are powerful black entities that are bargaining for even more power. Now, fear is their base of power, but they need more. The same people that complain about mean tweets, well, they were ready to overlook stop-and-frisk policies, all for the money. I hope we get to a point in life where everyone is voting for candidates based on things like national security, economic freedom and prosperity, individual rights, safety, education, worker development, prison reform. Now, speaking for myself, when I walk out of the voting booth in November, I will still be black and prouder than ever for not voting for Joe Biden."

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