CNN’s Lemon on Trump’s ‘It’s a Positive’ To Get a ‘Negative Result’ Comment: ‘Hypocritical’ For Him to Mock Biden Gaffes

‘His justification is he tested negative’


LEMON: “Okay. I think that was a trying to help him out. Positively toward the negative. Okay, to listen to that and ask yourself is this someone who has anyone business questioning Joe Biden’s tendency to misspeak, is this someone who — and we can play many many of these. He always says many people say. We can play many of these. Come on. Is this someone who has any — should he be questioning Joe Biden misspeaks sometimes? This is just beyond hypocritical. If anything emerges from that garbled mess. His justification is he tested negative. Honestly, just wear a mask. Enough with the excuses. The president thinks it would be a bad look, less than six months before Election Day. Just like he made it clear why he won’t wear a mask, you have to listen too hard to get to what he is really looking forward to.”

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