Kellyanne Conway: Biden ‘Sounds Like a Co-Ed at the End of a Frat Party’ Because He Needs a Woman on the Ticket

‘He has binders of women he’s looking through’


CONWAY: “You’ve seen the long and short list of Joe Biden’s vp choices. They all happen to be female. He sounds like kike a co-ed at the end of a frat party — I need a woman! He has binders of women he's looking through they are very involved in the shenanigans that were happening in the days before we got here to the Trump White House. She can’t be trusted and she has proved that and I think the very easy questions she would be asked in the debate against vice president Mike Pence would be, what did you know and when did you know? Do you know she was asked by a network anchor on a show “Can you rule out that President Trump is a Russian asset? And she basically shrugged her shoulders. She couldn’t rule out that the current president of the United States of the Russian asset so she lacks credibility. And I have to push back on the fact that this was three plus years ago, it doesn’t matter.’

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