Stefanik: Dems ‘Have Been Obsessed with Impeachment’ After Trump ‘Overwhelmingly Won,’ Shows How Weak Biden Is

‘This shows how weak Joe Biden is, I think, as a presidential candidate because they can’t run on their record’


STEFANIK: "They have been obsessed with impeachment after President Trump overwhelmingly won the election. And I have seen this first hand sitting on the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff has continued to put out misinformation and, frankly, lies to American people. We saw this with the Mueller testimony as well. When Mueller came in front of the House Intel, their case for impeachment just crumbled. This shows how weak Joe Biden is, I think, as a presidential candidate, because they can’t run on their record. And what is so concerning to me is that we are in the middle of coming out of a once-in-100-years pandemic. We have so many important issues in terms of rebuilding the economy and this is what House Democrats want to focus on? It’s inexcusable, it's embarrassing, and I think it's a real opportunity for Republicans to take back the majority, which is why I think you saw that important pick-up in California in that special election. So it’s disappointing. Certainly there has been no outreach to Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee on what their plans are. But this is more of the same. It's political, it's impeachment at all cost. And the people who suffer because of this are the American people."

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