Mike DeWine Dodges on Whether He Will Take Liquor Licenses If Bars and Restaurants Don’t Comply

‘We have some bars that were not doing what they should have done’


KILMEADE: "So I understand you had to crack down a little bit over the weekend. Are you threatening these restaurants, 'If you don’t comply, I’m taking your liquor license?'"
DeWINE: "You know, I think the most important thing, the threat they need to fear is that people won’t come if they don’t feel safe. I mean, that’s number one. Majority of restaurants — vast majority did a good job. We have some bars that were not doing what they should have done, they weren’t controlling their crowd. And ultimately that comes back to, you know, the bar owner. They have got to do that. So, you know, what we have said is we are going to enforce the law because we need people to be protected. We need people to feel safe when they venture out, when they walk into a bar, no matter where it is, or they walk into a restaurant, that certain rules are, in fact, going to apply. And that’s, you know, that’s essential to keeping people safe and it’s also essential for people having confidence that they can actually go out and be safe. Both of those are important from an economic point of view and from a medical and health point of view."

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