Rand Paul: If Leftist Journalists Were ‘Worth Their Salt’ They’d Ask Biden What Was Reason for Unmasking Flynn

‘I was asking about this two years ago’

WATTERS:  "They fabricated evidence in the FISA court and that was rubber stamped. I think either way you cut it it looks like abuse is power ironically what they impeached the president for. I would like to know if your name was ever unmasked and if your Senate colleagues. I would like to know if Jared Kushner — I mean, this is just a three-month period during the transition that they zeroed in on this incoming administration. I would like to see the last couple of years."
PAUL:  "I was asking about this two years ago, and I was asking people in the Senate on the Intel committee what about this? What about this? And they said oh, we looked at all of it. All of it was on the up and up. And all of it was fine. It is not on the up and up to have 16 members including the vice president unmasking the private phone call of a Trump Administration, new Trump Administration official talking to an ambassador? So you’re supposed to allege a national security reason. What were the reasons? So if the journalist on the left who get to interview Joe Biden, because I don’t think he’s coming on Fox News any time soon, but if the journalists on the left were worth their salt, they would ask Joe Biden what was the national security reason that you unmasked Flynn? They should ask clapper that. But then again, clapper’s a notorious liar, so he will probably simply lie to them. You know, clapper was the one who lied about the bulk collection of all our phone records. On the Senate, in a Senate committee, under oath clapper said we’re not doing it. A month later Edward Snowden revealed that yes they were collecting millions and millions of information on our phone calls."

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