Marc Lotter on Flynn Pleading Guilty: They Were Targeting His Family So He Thought that Was His Best Course of Action

‘There are many reasons why any suspect would consider pleading guilty’


LOTTER: "Well, I think there's many reasons why any suspect might consider pleading guilty as we have known through public reporting. And I want to be very clear, I don't represent, I am not a lawyer, I'm not affiliated with General Flynn or his -- or his legal defense team, but what we have seen in public reporting is that the prosecutor’s were targeting his family, they were other things. And  so at the time he thought that was his best course of action, that has since been retracted as more information has become available, and that is his right. And I will leave that to -- to General Flynn, his legal team, and the justice system to fair that out. That's not my role with the campaign, to be highlighting or analyzing his legal strategy."

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