Trump: I’m Running Against the Democrats, Media and ‘Some Really Stupid Republicans’ Like Steve Schmidt, John Weaver

‘I’m running against the radical left’


TRUMP: "But I’m running against the Democrats and I’m running against the media. I’m running against the radical left. I’m running against some really stupid Republicans that don’t understand how good they had it because we had — I'm at 95 or 96% with the Republican Party, but we have some people that claim to be Republicans and they have gone crazy. And the reason is I’ve defeated them all. You know, they were all my opponents and they’ve never gotten over it. Guys, Weaver and Schmidt, all losers, and they go out and try buying commercials. And you say, gee, we've rebuilt our military, we've taken care of our vets, our vets are in the best shape, you’ve never seen anything like with the vets, with choice, with everything else. We have done such a good job and then you add the judges and you add protecting our Second Amendment. And what are these guys going to do, support Joe Biden? Because Joe has been brought way left, way, way left."

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