CBS’ Rose to Rand Paul: So It’s Not Just About Selling Books

‘Critics from both parties accused Paul of grandstanding — in the middle of this controversy, Paul has released a new book’

CBS’ Rose to Rand Paul: So It’s Not Just About Selling Books (NewsBusters)

The hosts of CBS This Morning have previously fawned over Hillary Clinton and potential candidate Elizabeth Warren, but on Tuesday they grilled Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul. The Senator appeared to promote his new book, but Charlie Rose focused on Paul's stand against government surveillance. He dismissed, "Senator McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham have both said this is revenue-raising, that is a performance."  After the Republican denied the claim, Rose wondered, "So, it's not about selling books?" Regarding bulk data collection and the Senate fight over it, Norah O'Donnell repeated Obama administration talking points, saying of Attorney General Loretta Lynch: "Her office had previously prosecuted more terrorism cases and they say they need this ability, these roving wiretaps, in in order to prevent terrorism. Why not do that if it would prevent another attack?"

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