MSNBC’s Seitz-Wald: Clinton Campaign ‘Very Scripted, Very Tightly Choreographed’

Mitchell: ‘Quite different the approach from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton’

MITCHELL: “MSNBC Political Reporter Alex Seitz-Wald is live in Burlington. Alex, you’ve been covering Hillary Clinton now you see Bernie Sanders, the challenge, quite different the approach from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. What’s the level of access that you have to Sanders’ campaign?”
SEITZ-WALD: “Yes, quite different approach the least, Andrea. I mean, it is hard to find two politicians who are more different, Hillary Clinton running a very scripted, very tightly choreographed campaign. Bernie Sanders is the ultimate anti-politician. He doesn’t look like a politician, he doesn’t talk like a politician and he doesn’t want to be seen like a politician. In terms of access, we could talk to Bernie Sanders right now if we wanted to. You can come up to him after events, he will shake lots of hands, he will talk to people. If you cover the capitol you can grab him in the hallway. He wants to get his message out, and I think that running for president is a lot about that. So he is going to talk to the media whenever he can to serve that purpose.” 

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