Rep. Lee Zeldin Rips Adam Schiff: He Should Be Censured, He Should Resign

‘Adam Schiff should not be the chair of the House Intelligence Committee’

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NUNES: “I think that’s the real revelation for the American people as they were using their own Russian dirt to ask questions. And it was all fake, it was all phony, the whole time. And the press was in on this, too. It’s the cover-up. And I think that’s the main thing, is now you’re starting to see the pieces of the cover-up that I think are actually more important.”

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HENRY: “That of course is Congressman Devin Nunes on the newly released transcripts from the House Intel Committee’s Russia investigation. Nunes saying the transcripts show the entire inquary was based on a bogus premise. Republicans now calling out Adam Schiff who repeatedly said he had seen evidence the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin to win the 2016 election. New York GOP Congressman, Lee Zeldin joins us now. He, of course, serves on the Foreign Affairs and Financial Services Committee. Congressman, good morning.”

ZELDIN: “Good morning.”

HENRY: “Your thoughts on what if anything you can do to hold Adam Schiff accountable?”

ZELDIN: “Well, Adam Schiff should not be the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. His gavel should be removed. He should be censured. He should resign. There’s a lot that should happen, but Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to punish Adam Schiff. In fact, that’s the reason why he has the gavel in the first place. He’s the chair of the House Intelligence Committee which became the House Impeachment Committee because of the way he writes these fairy tale parodies. Because of the — the Russia investigation, it became the impeachment push. It’s actually one that the Democrats were rewarded, it’s one that the media rewards, so I’m not going to expect any repercussions even though he should resign today.”

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