Trump: I Would Give the Biden Campaign Rapid Testing Machine for the Coronavirus, Would Love to See Him Come out of the Basement

‘Every time he talks, it’s like a good thing’


TRUMP: "Yes, 100%. I’d love to see him get out of the basement so he can speak, because he’s locked in a basement somewhere, and every time he talks, it’s like a good thing. And we just got very good polling today, I guess you probably saw, very good polling, and I just don’t understand why he’s not — well, I do understand. They don’t want him to come out. I’ll give them the test immediately, we would have it to them today. Nobody has ever asked me for the test. If somebody asked, I would make sure that one of the Abbotts, they’re incredible, it’s a machine, and not a large machine but an unbelievably complex machine in terms of what it does, really amazing. It’s a great laboratory, and we would have them a machine or two today if they needed it."

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