Scarborough: This Pandemic Started in China and They Think the World Doesn’t Remember That

‘This pandemic that has wrecked the world economy started in China’


SCARBOROUGH: "It really is remarkable. It’s as if the Chinese government thinks it’s like 1957 and we don’t know that a doctor in December who tried to warn other doctors that the Coronavirus was deadly and could spread like SARS and they had to prepare for it, they think the whole world doesn’t remember that they actually sent the police after him and said they were going to investigate him for — let me get the exact words from — from the Chinese government -- said they were going to investigate this doctor for making false comments and investigating him for, quote, 'spreading rumors.' You know, Katty Kay, I’m shocked when Donald Trump, and I will say on a much smaller level than the Chinese, but I’m shocked when Donald Trump keeps lying about miracle treatments and keeps lying vaccines being ready and very soon, keeps lying about this magically going away in April, keeps lying — but, you know, we know he’s lying and he’s fact-checked immediately. But the same holds true of China on a much larger level. This — this pandemic that has wrecked the world economy started in China. The Chinese threatened to persecute a doctor who ended up dying, who was trying to — to warn his colleagues.”

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