Pelosi: Trump Is Suggesting ‘Injecting Lysol into Lungs’

‘Republicans will have to make their own decision’


PELOSI: "So rather than spending time talking about the President’s saying we should inject Lysol in our lungs — and he makes a big fuss about my having ice cream in my freezer. That's his latest today — most current today. She has Lysol in her freezer. I guess he'd rather — I have ice cream in my freezer, I guess that’s better than having Lysol in somebody's lungs, as he is suggesting. But again, enough of him. Let's just — enough of him. It's not worth it to just dwell on him. We have to go forward. Republicans will have to make their own decision. I can just imagine what John McCain would be saying now, that great American patriot who was treated so disrespectfully by this President. Enough about him. Let’s go forward.”

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