Behar: Trump Is ‘Losing It,’ He Is Like Grandpa Who Walks Around ‘with His Pants Off’

‘You know, it’s scary to see what’s going on in this country’


BEHAR: “I feel like at this point she’s less of a doctor and more like an elderly care nurse to this guy, like, he’s running around the house in his pajamas yelling at the TV set, not getting up out of bed until late. I don’t know what — he’s losing it. He’s like the grandpa who walks out in the middle of the birthday party with his pants off, and then Dr. Birx as surrogate at the party has to say, 'Grandpa is just liberating himself. Isn’t he funny?' Like that. You know, it’s scary to see what’s going on in this country. It’s frightening, and I agree with you, Whoopi, she should have stood up at that press conference and said, I object. He is speaking with craziness. Do not put Lysol into your body.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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