Rep. Scalise: Sebelius Knew About ObamaCare Problems in March

‘Either the president knew about it and misled the public, or he was misled by his own top staff’

HEMMER: “Can you confirm the president was briefed on this by someone, at some point?”
SCALISE: “We don't know that yet. Clearly there were people in the White House that were briefed on this. And look, if you are working for the president, you are in the White House, and you are being told this website is not going to work. That there are major problems, not little glitches, major problems, and you didn't tell your boss, then you should be fired. But if that person did tell the boss, then the president needs to come clean. And it's one of the two. Either the president knew about it and just misled the public, or he was misled by his own top staff in the White House, and he ought to fire those people today.”

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