Trump: President of Honduras Told Me Results with Hydroxychloroquine Are Incredible

‘He thanked me and he said the results have been very good’


TRUMP: "Well, I never spoke to a scientist. But I will tell you this, I did speak with the president of Honduras just a little while ago. And I didn't bring it up, he brought it up. He said they use the hydroxychloroquine, and he said the results are so incredible with hydroxychloroquine. This happened an hour ago. I just spoke to him. The president of Honduras. He said — I guess we've made some available to them. He was thanking me. And I said, 'how has the result been?' He said it’s been incredible. I don’t know, he’s not a doctor, I don’t think. But he thanked me and he said the results have been very good. So, you hear it both ways. I’ve seen negative, other than the other day, I saw some study which wasn’t good. But I saw very positive coming out of France. Here is the president of Honduras saying how good it was. I didn’t even bring up the subject, he brought it up.”

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