MSNBC: Poll Shows Fewer Americans Are Turning to Trump to Get Accurate Information About the Virus

‘54% say they to not trust the information provided by Trump about the pandemic’

BRZEZINSKI: "Less Americans are turning to President Trump to get accurate information about the coronavirus pandemic. According to the latest 'Associated Press'/NORC poll, only 20% of Americans say they regularly receive information from the President about the coronavirus. 50% say they turn to state or local government. 54% say they do not trust the information provided by Trump about the pandemic. 23% do. 52% trust the information they get from state or local leaders. The number of Republicans who say they trust the information they hear from the President is also below 50%. Six in ten Americans say that Trump does not listen enough to health experts. 35% believe he listens to the right amount. 3% say he listens too much."

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