Guilfoyle: Biden Is Completely Confused, Not Someone We Need Given Everything Going On

‘This is an individual that needs like ten teleprompters to tell him what state he’s in’


GUILFOYLE: "They're totally out of touch. They're a party without a platform, without a message, and without really, quite frankly, a viable candidate. This is an individual that needs like, you know, ten teleprompters to tell him what state he's in, what room in his house he is, who his wife is, who his sister is, he's completely confused. This is not someone that we need given everything going on geopolitically, economically, you know, in this country. Trump built up one of the greatest economies of all time, and as he has said quite clearly and we believe in this, that he will be able to do it again. So this is really nowheresville for Joe Biden.” 



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