McCarthy: A Lot of People Are Going to End up in This Week’s Unemployment Numbers Because Dems Wanted to Play Games

‘We have 22 million reasons they should have said yes a lot earlier’


McCARTHY: "I don’t know how she says that with a straight face. Mitch McConnell went to the floor more than two weeks ago with one page-paper asking for more funding for small businesses and a program everybody already voted for, and the Democrats came to the floor and objected. He then again went the next week, and the Democrats objected. The facts just don't weigh out what the Speaker said. I know she got a lot of blowback, because it has harmed small businesses. I created my first one when I was 20. I know, around those kitchen tables, what is happening. So you had 700,000 applications sitting with banks, and they said, 'We no longer can do it because we're out of money,' and only because Democrats went and objected. A lot of those people are going to end up in this week’s numbers when it comes tomorrow for an appointment. That is simply because the Democrats wanted to play games one more time. It’s what they did when we moved the CARES Act. They held that up another week. And now we have 22 million reasons they should have said yes a lot earlier."

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