Scarborough: ‘Trump Is Doing Just Like the Communist Chinese Are Doing’

‘Donald Trump blaming everybody but himself, of course, the Chinese are doing the same thing on the global level’


SCARBOROUGH: "Ed Luce, I want to go to you with an article I read this morning in your publication, 'The Financial Times.' I'll just get a quote out of it. It’s pretty, what’s the word, not chilling. That puts a deviousness on Donald Trump that he doesn’t deserve. e because he is such a day trader. I’ll just say this: Like China, like Trump. 'As part of a global Chinese campaign of shifting blame from Beijing’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese embassy published a vitriolic letter claiming that French nurses abandoned their posts and left old people to die of hunger and disease. The Chinese are doing just what Donald Trump is doing. Donald Trump is doing just like the communist Chinese are doing. They both screwed up monumentally. Both of them, in their own ways, are going to be blamed by historians for most of what has happened since December. The Chinese at the beginning, and then Donald Trump with his slow response, especially in January and February. But here you have Donald Trump blaming the W.H.O., Donald Trump blaming the governors, Donald Trump blaming China, Donald Trump blaming everybody but himself, of course. And the Chinese are doing the same thing on the global level. I don’t think it’s going to work for either."

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