Conway: The Best Person to ‘Rejuice’ the Trump Economy Is Trump

‘‘The most suited best person to rejuice the Donald Trump economy is Donald Trump, businessman in White House’


CONWAY: “The most important thing to recognize is that the most suited best person to rejuice the Donald Trump economy is Donald Trump, a businessman in White House led to rebuilding our energy infrastructure, so that we're energy dominant, we do see those taxes and regulations, completing those historic trade deals and really putting American workers and American industry first. So now, the president is reaching out to many of the captains of industry, leaders across the private sector to complement what he has been doing in public sector, which is working with his health professionals and emergency management coordinators to figure out the two tracks, what we need to have, health and medical wise scientifically to be ready to feel comfortable to reopen pieces of the economy, and secondly the economic track, which is to recognize, one third of renters did not pay their rent last month. It was 17 million people claimed unemployment benefits and more for unemployment of insurance. So president made clear from the beginning he's not looking at a specific date so much as data ongoing.”
CONWAY: “But he is starting to do that.” 

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