Conway: ‘The Best Person To Revive the Donald Trump Economy Is Donald Trump’

‘The CDC and the White House put out updated guidance for critical infrastructure workers’


CONWAY: “I think the fundamental point here is that the best person to revive the Donald Trump economy is Donald Trump. And with him in the lead working with the governors, working on that health and economic guidance, and now working with so many leaders in the private sector who will come forth and share their best practices, talking about what they may want to do in their places of work, and I would say to everyone, take a look at what was put out a week ago. The CDC and the White House put out updated guidance for critical infrastructure workers. That covered about 16 different types of work, everything from our food supply to energy, waste management, sanitation, and a number of different areas that are considered to be critical infrastructure. That guidance also gives us a good look ahead. Because, we’re talking about whether asymptomatic and exposed, never exposed, temperature checks should happen. Here’s how the facilities and the places of work should continue to sanitize their workplaces. Everybody should continue the physical distancing. Wearing a mask or face cloth, according to the CDC’s guidance of two weeks ago now. So there are protocols in place that will continue this new normal that we have all become accustomed to and Americans have been practicing routinely so well to their greater credit. We will continue in our places of work. It won’t happen in New York, I would doubt it, by a certain date any time soon but it will happen in other places. Opening up places of worship, places of work, some of our schools and places where children are cared for seems to be one of the major keys unlocking the economy. This will be the great American come back. We have 17 million Americans who have filed for unemployment; 1/3 of renters did not pay their rent last month. This is tragic for this country. And it’s through no fault of those individuals. We want individuals and industries to come roaring back in this Trump economy."

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