Louisiana AG: Trump Could Cure Cancer and Kill the Devil in the Same Day and the Media Won’t Give Him Any Credit

‘The media refuses to give the president any credit’


LANDRY: "Well, you know, it's a distortion. It's a Trump distortion. The media refuses to give the President any credit. I mean, he could cure cancer and kill the devil in the same day and they'd find some sort of fault with that as well. Look, I think that’s great news. I think it should be a headline in the fact that you know, there were cities out there, states out there like Louisiana that had the assets necessary if our health care system became overwhelmed, and yet we didn’t have to use it. That's great news. That's the kind of news we need in order to get American people’s spirit back up, get ourselves in a position where we can crank the economy back up and we can all go back to work."

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