Jon Karl: By Saying He Has Absolute Power, Trump Effectively Is Taking Responsibility for Everything

‘If you remember, George, a few weeks ago he said I don’t take responsibility at all’


KARL: "George, for one thing, it broke the record for the longest coronavirus briefing yet, more than two hours. And the incredible thing is it really wasn’t about the pandemic, it was all about Donald Trump. He started with a campaign-style video, something like I had never seen before in the White House briefing room. And he actually told me, this is a direct quote, everything we did was right. When I asked him if there had been any mistakes along the way, he said, 'Well, the governors made mistakes,' but the strangest thing was the President’s contention that he has absolute power to make these decisions. That was odd, not only because it’s obviously not constitutional, but it also contradicts everything Trump has been saying about this for the past three weeks when he has portrayed the big decisions on opening and closing on distribution of medical supplies to the governors. And he said in a quote at the beginning of that really defines how he has approached the crisis, if you remember, George, a few weeks ago he said, 'I don’t take responsibility at all.' Now, by saying that he has absolute power, he effectively is taking responsibility for everything."

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