Oprah: What’s Happening in the Black Community with COVID Is ‘Devastating’

‘What is happening in the black community is devastating’


HOLMES (voice-over): "She’s already given $10 million to coronavirus relief efforts. Oprah Winfrey now spreading a potentially life-saving message."
OPRAH: "What is happening in the black community is devastating."
HOLMES (voice-over): "From home isolation, the media mogul, in her words, wants to shout as loud as she can about health disparities that have left the African-American community disproportionately impacted in the coronavirus crisis."
OPRAH: "Our responsibility is that if you’re a black American, you need to know that if you have that preexisting condition that everybody has been talking about, means that if you have diabetes, you have hypertension, you have heart disease, you use an inhaler, you have asthma..."

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