Graham: ‘This Effort to Destroy Trump, No Matter the Cost … Is Pissing a Lot of People Off’

‘Mr. President, the American people understand what you’ve done for them’


GRAHAM: "Well, number one, Mr. President, the American people understand what you’ve done for them. And this effort to destroy Trump, no matter the cost of the country, is getting a bit old and is pissing a lot of people off. The President made four really important decisions to save American lives. Number one, he shut down travel to China and Europe in a way to keep hundreds of thousands of people being infected. He declared a national emergency to give the country the tools to fight back, that was a major decision. He rejected the herd mentality of letting it run rampant through the country, people build up immunity, a couple million people would have died if that had been the case. And finally, I think the most important thing the President has done is unleashed the private sector in testing and trying to develop drugs by giving FDA waivers for therapies and vaccines to speed up the process. So I think the President has made really hard calls well, and we’re going to be well below the 100,000 minimum expected, and it’s due to his leadership and the American people working together."

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