Rep. Pressley: ‘Communities of Color Are Disproportionately Impacted’ by Viruses

‘We saw that with H1N1’


PRESSLEY: "Well, we wrote that letter on March 27th because history has shown us that in the face of combating any virus, that communities of color are disproportionately impacted. We saw that with H1N1. And of course, we know communities are color represent a more vulnerable group because they also represent many of those underlying conditions that put someone at risk. And so on March 27th, myself, Senator Warren and Harris and Booker respectively sent a letter to Health and Human Services to collect data in realtime to disaggregate and disaggregate that data. We have not heard a response from them. There are some states that are already doing this. But we need this to be standardized across the board because it will directly inform how we coordinate and marshal resources. And we know that which gets measured gets done. It will give assurances that access to testing and treatment is affordable in meeting the scale and scope of this pandemic."

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