AOC Says Her Focus Right Now Is Another More Coronavirus Stimulus, Not Helping Sanders

‘We have to see a very serious movement towards single payer tax system’


OCASIO-CORTEZ: "Well, I do know that like myself, the senator and I have both been focusing very heavily on COVID relief up into the CARES 2 package. I think right now one of the key things that we must push for, we must fight for, is the same thing that we have continued to fight for. We need to make sure that — I believe that that there are very strong concessions and accommodations made for a progressive future in our country. And I think when — when it comes to that, we need to see very serious movement toward a single-payer healthcare system, towards a living wage, towards justice for incarcerated people and justice for immigrant populations. We need to have a strong agenda across the board. And without any sort of progressive conversation or progressive definition or concession to our party, we have to continue pushing forward. And so, you know, when it comes to the the specific things, you know, ultimately that is up to the senator, but I know for one that we must continue pushing to make shore, and particularly on climate change, what kind of agenda is being formed right now? And not only what that agenda is, but who is going to be making those decisions and really administering and executing on that agenda."

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