John Berman to Peter Navarro: ‘Do You Have Reason To Doubt the Analysis of Dr. Anthony Fauci?’

‘I agree with the analysis of Dr. Fauci in this sense, we don’t have definitive 100% science to say that [hydroxychloroquine] absolutely works’


BERMAN: "Do you have reason to doubt the analysis of Dr. Anthony Fauci?"
NAVARRO: "I agree with the analysis of Dr. Fauci in this sense, it's -- we don’t have definitive 100 percent science to say that this absolutely works, and we don’t know what degree that is does work. That’s not inconsistent with the idea of using it as they do in all 11 hospitals in the New York Health and Hospital System as a therapeutic at this time, when we are in basically at war with the virus, and it appears at least in some studies to have therapeutic efficacy, John, and I get back to you, John. God help it if you get COVID but if you go into a hospital and have that choice, you’re going to have to make that choice, and you’re going to make that choice with the discussions with your doctor and as an educated man. You’ll probably read all of the studies that are out there. "

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