Joe Scarborough Blasts ‘Hacks’ Defending Trump on Coronavirus: ‘The Shallowness of Their Souls’

‘They’re still playing politics with a pandemic’


SCARBOROUGH: “I know you’re stupid, if you’re being a hack for Donald Trump on the Coronavirus. I know you’re stupid. So maybe you think other people are stupid. They’re not as dumb as you. Because you can’t argue that the press was overblowing it for two months. And then when you find out that the press wasn’t overblowing it, that more people are going to probably die from this than died in 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam War, the Korean War, possibly all together, if you believe White House numbers, you can’t then say, after two months of saying that the media was overblowing it, you can’t then turn around and say, 'Oh, the media, they were asleep at the switch.' Wait, wait, which is it? See, here’s the problem, it’s all on video tape. Right? You can have your little websites. You can -- you can be apologists for Russia. You can be a useful idiot for Russia all you want. You can do everything you can do to try to help Donald Trump out all you want. You can be a useful idiot for Donald Trump in America for your own reasons; maybe it’s to make money, maybe it’s to get clicks. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t attack the media for saying the media was overblowing it for two months, and then when you find out that 100,000 people or more may die, you can’t then blame the media for being asleep at the switch. Doesn’t work that way. And yet, Mika, it’s sad that I actually have been in communication with people who actually call themselves newsmen. They’re sending around selected media stories, where -- where a handful of people undersold it. I mean, it's really -- it's shameful. It’s pathetic. They’re still playing politics with a pandemic. And it is disgraceful, and it is disgusting. It shows the shallowness of their souls."

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