Clyburn: Pelosi ‘Very Smart’ to Pattern Committee After Truman’s, Will Prevent Fraud, Abuse, Profiteering

‘We in the United States Congress have oversight, and we must perform that oversight’


CLYBURN: “My response is simply this. I think that that is one of the reasons speaker Pelosi decided that this committee was necessary. We in the United States Congress have oversight. And we must perform that oversight. And we will do that to make sure that we save lives, that we save taxpayer money, and she was very smart, I think, to pattern this committee after the Truman committee that was stood up in 1941. Harry Truman said at the time, he was an editor in Missouri at the time, he looked back at what happened in the country after World War I and saw that 116 different committees were stood up to investigate what was going on after World War I. He said at the time he thought it was much better to have one committee before the fact. And that committee proved to be very, very wise. According to history, the committee spent less than $1 million but saved $15 billion for the taxpayers. That’s what speaker Pelosi is trying to do here, get out in front of this to protect the American people so that we cannot only save lives but keep fraud and abuse, profiteering, from happening. We’ve seen that already. The governor of New York recently said that masks that he was spending 70 cents for, he’s now having to spend $7 for. Is that price gouging? I think it is. And that’s what this committee is all about. This is not about the president of the United States or even the independent council or the inspector general. This is about focusing on how the money is spent, whether or not the people who are getting the money are actually working on behalf of the American people or whether or not they’re profiteering.”

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