Andy Biggs on Trump Firing Intel Community IG: Had to Be Held Accountable for FISA Abuse, First of Many on the Chopping Block

‘We’ve seen tremendous violations of civil rights by abuse of the FISA courts’


BIGGS: “As you know, we’ve seen tremendous violations of civil rights by abuse of the FISA courts. And I think so but he has to be held accountable and just the first of many more wear on the chopping block in the interim report by inspector general Horowitz indicates that in every one of the cases that they have sampled, the abuse by the FBI Intel community, that’s got to stop as well. That’s the abuse of the civil rights and I just can’t tell you, that’s one of the things we should be doing and Congress is getting back there and cleaning that messed up as well because that’s also going to have ramifications. It probably already had ramifications and this is very, very important.”

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