U.S. Surgeon General: We Need to Have Not So Many People Out There Spreading the Virus So We Don’t Run Out of Supplies

‘The President is also working on the supply chain’


ADAMS: “You ask a great question about supplies and we are working with the stockpile to make sure places like New York City are getting what they need when they need it. And that’s not to say that you’re going to get 30,000 ventilators. That’s to say if you need 200 ventilators tomorrow, we will make sure you get 200 ventilators tomorrow so everyone has a ventilator. The President is also working on the supply chain to create new supply, working on reallocating supplies locally, but the most important thing for people to know is the way did not run out of ventilators is to make sure so many people don’t need ventilators and that’s why we extended the guidelines for another 30 days. We need to drive down demand and not so many people out there spreading the disease to each other so we don’t run out of supplies.”

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