Dan Kildee: Coronavirus Is Overwhelming the Capacity We Have in Michigan

‘I think it does speak to the fact that we need more coordinated effort at the federal level’


KILDEE: "Well, we need more resources. We certainly need more of the vital PPE capacity. We need — for our health care workers and other first responders, more of that. But this is overwhelming the facilities that is we have. And parts of the state, we haven’t gotten that point yet, but we know we will. So while Mayor Duggan and Governor Whitmer are working very well together to try to stand up what they can in Detroit, we’re looking at other facilities out of state to try to determine what can be quickly retrofitted to deal with what’s going to be an onslaught of cases. This is overwhelming us all. And I think it does speak to the fact that we need more coordinated effort at the federal level and -- and that’s something that I think the governor has been asking for, the president tried to punish the state of Michigan because of the governor’s insisting of that. But I think it's a problem that every state that is having the kind of numbers that we are seeing are going to be wrestling with. And it’s -- it's a very big challenge."

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