Fox News: Cruise Ship with Sick Foreign Nationals Turned Away By Six Countries

‘Governor Ron DeSantis says the state has already been stretched too thin’


FAULKNER: "And here is the visual news that we are seeing take place. Two cruise ships look like they could be docking on Florida’s coast. The Zaandam has more than 100 sick passengers on board, at least 4 people have died of COVID-19, we are told. The sister ship, the Rotterdam, has taken on hundreds of passengers without symptoms, they say. So far it has been turned away from Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, and Mexico. Its operator, Holland America, is warning that more people on board could die on the first ship if it's turned away from Florida. President Trump says the United States needs to do what is right. But Governor Ron DeSantis says the state is already stretched too thin.”

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